IGNITE’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management platform is used by companies that are globally involved in the trading of crude oil, natural gas, gas liquids (NGLs), chemical, petrochemical and refined products and various other commodity types.

IGNITE’s platform includes all aspects of physical transactions/costs and financial OTC instruments, offering a complete (STP) Straight Through Process from trade capture and costing to shipping /transportation, and invoicing and settlement.


Our philosophy is to closely align our development to that of our customers’ needs - which ultimately strengthens our platform and provides us with significant strategic advantage over older, larger and less-nimble software providers.

Shawn Wegner
Founder / CEO

ELEMENT Alpha avoids the mistakes many young companies make

Discover how ELEMENT Alpha was able to ramp up from start-up to globally recognized oil company with a well tought-out plan that positioned them from success and growth with IGNITE CTRM
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IGNITE CTRM is central to everything we do. It plays a big role in automation which allows us to be slimmer on cost. We’re able to do well with a smaller margin and compete in a market with bigger companies that have to make more money to pay for massive overhead.

Gregor von la Valette
Element Alpha SA

IGNITE is the right solution for our start-up trading and distribution business. We deal primarily in biodiesel and middle distillate fuels. Being a small company, it’s important that we’re profitable, protected from risks, and able to effectively meet the needs of our clients. IGNITE’s credit risk support is crucial to our continued growth and success.

Hugh Kingston

7 Seas B.V. takes care of its oil trading and transportation fuels business in an uncertain world

Learn the 5 key areas of the business identified for IGNITE CTRM to play a critical role in pushing the company forward in the short-term, and also needed for post-COVID-19 opportunities and market recovery.
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