WHAT MAKES US Different?

IGNITE CTRM was founded in 2011 on one simple principle - to create something that was unique, disruptive, and differentiating.

Since inception, IGNITE CTRM, has recruited a team of highly talented and senior-level strategists, software developers, marketers, support staff, and technical training professionals to grow the company, along with its award-winning SaaS-based Commodity Trading and Risk Management platform - thus enabling... the company to attain consistent year-over-year growth – through continuous technological achievements and a diverse investor backing.

Our Mission

Our mission has remained continuous and steadfast - to provide the most advanced, multi-commodity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered, CTRM platform that gives our clients the confidence to work with speed and efficiency across front, middle, and back-office business – and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors!

Dedicated to building a company which provides unparalleled CTRM and ETRM software that is easy to use, fully-integrated, fast, flexible, globally secure, and reliable, all while, providing the lowest total cost of ownership in comparison to other software vendors is our primary mission – along with, becoming the undisputed, 1st choice, “go-to” vendor in all geographies and commodity verticals.


IGNITE’s award-winning platform, is an essential element in risk management, transactional strategies and administration pertaining to commodity trading, risk, accounting, and related activities.

And our growing community of users continue to choose speed, performance, and usability over older systems.  Built using leading-edge database, application and cloud-based computing technologies, principles and methodologies, our SaaS platform, provides companies with a complete set of tools, including front, middle and back-office solutions, to increase efficiency and effectiveness, while realizing a fast return on investment. It is SaaS made easy for start-ups and large companies alike.


Digital transformation through modern, smart, commodity trading software in the cloud. IGNITE’s commodity trading software is versatile and delivered via a leading-edge CTRM platform.

Organizations get the full benefit of utilizing current and adaptive technological frameworks such as Microsoft Azure, secure APIs, and Business Intelligence (BI) toolsets. These tools combined with multi-commodity trade support and physical operations for truck, rail, barge, vessels, pipeline, and storage activities, provide real-time, strategy-based decision making, across the entire commodity value chain. No matter the size of your company, IGNITE CTRM can provide a solution that is affordable, scalable, and reliable for you and your team.