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Join our expanding community of energy and commodity management professionals who are choosing the speed and technology advantages of IGNITE over older, slower, on-premise trade and risk management (CTRM / ETRM) software.

Here’s just a sample of our growing list of clients. Discover how IGNITE’s cloud
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CTRM platform can help you maximize profits and reduce risk.

  • Element Alpha
  • K2
  • Centurion
  • Maddox
  • Unerco
  • North Bay Energy
  • 7 Seas BV
  • Alvari

At IGNITE, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of CTRM software company

    IGNITE is an enterprise software product company. Our business is not reliant on costly implementation services. We have one robust platform that works for all users, supporting multiple commodities.
    We have an open source mentality where clients are able to request and share new features, rather than each client being charged over and over for the same functionality. Chances are, if you have a need for new functionality, reports, or to automate workflows in a specific way – so do our other clients.
    Our SaaS pricing model is affordable, scalable and well suited for start-ups and also companies looking to migrate away from older technologies. Subscription-based user pricing ensures you have the licenses you need, at a favorable price.
    Our advanced technology stack enables more agile and efficient development, while our nimble and responsive environment allows our team to focus on the needs of our clients.
    We are passionate about the success of our clients and recognize the importance they play in our own success story. There's no greater satisfaction than building lasting relationships and successful businesses together.

Our philosophy is to partner and closely align our development with our clients’ needs which gives us some advantages over older, larger, less-nimble software providers.

Shawn Wegner

ELEMENT Alpha avoids the mistakes many young companies make

Discover how ELEMENT Alpha was able to ramp up from start-up to globally recognized oil company with a well-thought-out plan that positioned them for success and growth with IGNITE CTRM.

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IGNITE CTRM is central to everything we do. It plays a big role in automation which allows us to be slimmer on cost. We’re able to do well with a smaller margin and compete in a market with bigger companies that have to make more money to pay for massive overhead.

Gregor von la Valette
Element Alpha SA

IGNITE is the right solution for our start-up trading and distribution business. We deal primarily in biodiesel and middle distillate fuels. Being a small company, it’s important that we’re profitable, protected from risks, and able to effectively meet the needs of our clients. IGNITE’s credit risk support is crucial to our continued growth and success.

Hugh Kingston

7 Seas B.V. takes care of business in an uncertain world

Learn the 5 key areas of the business identified for IGNITE CTRM to play a critical role in pushing the company forward in the short-term, and also needed for post-COVID-19 opportunities and market recovery.

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Here’s why customers prefer IGNITE

IGNITE CTRM is a cloud-native application, delivered as a service. No IT team is required to support the application, which is the case with other enterprise software platforms. This reduces the cost barrier to entry for smaller companies. The benefits are unlimited for cloud, and adoption across all business sectors is high. There’s no longer a need for on-premise CTRM software.

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Users enjoy increased performance for advanced analytics and greater insights into active position and exposure-related data. Trading transactions times are up to 80% faster; position, P&L and exposure reports run in real time; and end-of-day (EOD), end-of-month (EOM), and end-of-year (EOY) reports are processed instantly.

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IGNITE CTRM’s modern, user-friendly, and highly intuitive software and cloud-based architecture is easy to use, boasting simple, innovative and meticulously designed input screens, straight-through-processing (STP), and built-in workflows. Most routine processes, such as invoice creation, take less than 3 clicks to fully execute. This allows for greater focus on other operational activities.

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IGNITE CTRM is globally accessible via web browser from virtually anywhere in the world with Internet access on mobile, tablet or desktop device. User access is tightly controlled through various security measures including single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) backed by the leading public cloud provider in the world, Microsoft Azure, with 24/7/365 support and systems monitoring. IGNITE CTRM has you globally covered.

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IGNITE CTRM’s “out-of-the-box” implementations are performed quickly, and in most cases, under 3 months. Our standard installs are easily configured to align with your new or existing processes, with no development required. Within a matter of days, your team will be up and running and performing trade capture, while most competitor systems take months, or even years to deploy. IGNITE’s flexible architecture enables third-party solutions to easily attach to our open and accessible frameworks.

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As data continues to expand and complexities arise, companies increasingly rely on intelligent reporting and analytics to help bridge data gaps and operational inefficiencies from multiple sources of record. With IGNITE CTRM, you can “Bring Your Own Business Intelligence” (BYOBI) software, and easily connect and transform your data into actionable insights using any predefined internal warehousing strategies or preferred BI tools.

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