Alvari Group selects IGNITE CTRM Cloud for oil trading business

Oct 7, 2020

Geneva, October 7, 2020 – IGNITE CTRM, a leading commodity trade and risk management software (CTRM) company, today announced Alvari Group has chosen IGNITE its cloud CTRM platform to manage its trade portfolio, logistics, and risk across the organization. IGNITE CTRM is enjoying success with start-ups and mid-size trading firms looking for professional tools to protect business and seize new opportunities in changing markets.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Alvari Group trades crude oil, refined products, LPG, and biofuels, and operates globally from its offices in Singapore, London, Almaty, and Moscow. With increasing trade volumes and continued market volatility, Alvari Group’s management team tapped IGNITE for its modern technology stack, knowledgeable customer support, and the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery.

Alvari Group Risk Manager, Kenneth Kong says, “During the selection process, IGNITE demonstrated strong capabilities in meeting our requirements to cover the complete paper and physical lifecycle, from trade capture through operations to settlement. IGNITE CTRM has experience working with similar size companies that are in high growth mode like ours, and understands the critical importance of real-time position management and reporting.”

“Our philosophy is to partner and closely align our development with our clients’ needs which gives us some advantages over older, larger, less-nimble software providers. Alvari Group is a great partner, and we look to grow with them as their business expands and evolves,” says IGNITE CTRM CEO Shawn Wegner.

IGNITE’s cloud-native application, SaaS delivery, and cloud architecture, together, create the most advanced CTRM platform. Costs are driven down by shared software delivery services, and fast, unlimited cloud computing power, which enables companies to expand without the burden of hardware, software, and maintenance expenses.

IGNITE will be deployed quickly and remotely for Alvari Group, which allows both teams to safely and efficiently address the staffing and travel challenges presented by COVID-19. On-premise software vendors require heavy customization on-site, while IGNITE is fully virtual out-of-the-box with secure login via browser.


IGNITE CTRM is on a mission to simplify, improve, and modernize the user experience for commodity trade and risk management software (ETRM / CTRM) solutions. Our fast-growing community is choosing SaaS performance advantages over older, on-premise software. IGNITE CTRM’s flexible, scalable cloud platform is designed for start-ups and large companies alike. Today’s CIOs prefer IGNITE for quick deployment, best ROI and technology, and to meet today’s virtual global demands. Discover what makes IGNITE CTRM a different kind of cloud company at

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