What is Ignite?

We are a team of seasoned oil and gas and commodity-trading experts each holding unique skillsets and knowledge to back our C/ETRM technology.
With this knowledge, we are Fueling the Power to Trade™

From the complete marketing lifecycle (upstream, midstream and downstream), to software design and Information Technologies (IT), Ignite understands the importance of delivering a cost effective and fully integrated trading platform that is reliable and highly agile for the modern day, fast-moving business.

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Why Ignite?

our mission

To provide a reliable, fully-integrated commodity/energy trading and risk management C/ETRM software solution that gives our clients the confidence to work with speed and efficiency across various commodities.

Our system, along with our award-winning team of professionals will make your marketing operations more specialized, flexible, capable and efficient. Additionally, our platform will provide your company with all the tools, applicable contracts, and legal documentation for your marketing transactions and regulatory commitments.

our technology

Our flagship commodity trading and risk management (C/ETRM) platform is an essential element in risk management, transactional strategies and administration pertaining to commodity trading.

Built using the latest technologies, our system provides companies with a complete set of front, middle and back office solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness, while realizing a fast return on your investment. Ignite offers trading organizations the quickest and most agile C/ETRM solution available with flexible licensing terms at a significantly lower cost of ownership compared to our competitors. Additionally, our fully-hosted Cloud-based solution allows companies faster setup and initialization period and worry-free maintenance.


We offer an all-inclusive, scalable and straightforward pricing model that's designed to fit distinct organizational needs. We also offer affordable customization options when extensibility of the Ignite framework is required.


Ignite's hosted infrastructure easily and effortlessly provides companies the ability to scale services up or down as their operational, trading and/or risk management activities require. 


With Ignite's award-winning commodity trading and risk management (C/ETRM) platform along with our professional, personalized and dependable services team, you will have the peace of mind knowing that we are always there when you need us.


Icon Software

Automatic market price downloads from recognized data vendors and exchanges

Icon Storage

Fully-hosted Cloud-based solution or through an organization's own network

Icon Industry

Used globally for trading of crude oil, natural gas, gas liquids (NGLs), chemical, petrochemical and refined products

Icon Service

Staffed by experts with years of dedicated, industry-specific experience and software and services expertise

How we can help

Ignite has been a significant and integral part of our oil trading operations from early stage through our recent expansions. The Ignite framework affords us total control of our daily risk and trading lifecycles. Furthermore, the system’s innovative design allows for total flexibility from both a monitoring and system reporting standpoint. As our business continues to grow, we see a big future with Ignite and value them as an essential partner through the expert service that we receive.
Matt Dawson
Element Alpha SA